1979 Penny Value ( Rare Errors, No Mint Mark, Price )

Collectors are fascinated by the 1979 Lincoln Memorial Penny, which has historical importance. The Lincoln Cent faced increased copper prices in the 1970s, impacting mint profits. To counter this, they experimented with alternative metal compositions.

The 1979 Penny, inspired by the introduction of the Susan B. Anthony Dollar, became a significant numismatic piece. Let’s go into its value and distinguishing features:

1979 No Mint Mark Penny

The 1979 Penny, part of the transitional period for the Lincoln Cent, holds historical interest for collectors due to its unique composition. The value of an uncirculated penny in MS 66+ grade is estimated to be around $22, while in MS 67+ grade, it can sell for up to $500, potentially reaching $2,000.

  • These were minted by the Philadelphia Mint and bear no mint mark.
  • In circulated condition, they are not especially collectible and are worth between $0.20 and $1.
  • However, if you locate one in mint condition (MS 60 to MS 65), its value rises somewhat to $0.20 to $1.
  • Higher-grade specimens (MS 66 and above) can sell anywhere from $11 to $45.
  • The best-graded examples, with beautiful red toning, have been sold for up to $1,000.

1979-D Penny

The Anthony Dollar and Lincoln Cent were introduced in the 1970s to counter copper prices, resulting in the mint’s experimentation with alternative metal compositions.

The 1979 Penny, a continuation of the Susan B. Anthony Dollar, remains a fascinating numismatic piece. The 1979 Denver-minted penny is a popular and valuable coin, worth $22 in circulated condition and $80 in MS 66+ grade, though no data is available for higher grades.

  • The Denver Mint produced slightly fewer 1979 pennies (approx. 4,139,357,254 pieces).
  • Lower mint grades are valued comparable to Philadelphia produced coins, ranging between $0.20 and $1.
  • Interestingly, the best-preserved specimens from Denver can fetch slightly more money than their Philadelphia counterparts.
  • Prices for them typically range from $23 to $145.
  • Notably, there are no coins with the D mint mark and an MS 68 rating, hence the most costly piece is the MS 67+ grade, which paid for $3,995 at an auction in 2016.

The Denver Mint produced fewer 1979 Lincoln pennies than the Philadelphia Mint, but their lower-grade prices are similar to no-mint-mark pennies, ranging from $0.19 to $1 for grades MS60 to MS65. Higher-grade 1979-D Lincoln pennies are more valuable.

1979-S Proof Pennies

The 1979-S Filled-S Proof Penny and 1979-S Clear-S Proof Penny are intriguing variations with small circulating value. Filled-S is worth $20 in PR/PF 69 DCAM grade, while Clear-S is worth $22 in the same grade.

  • In 1979, the San Francisco Mint produced only proof pennies, totaling 3,677,175.
  • There are two varieties of proof pennies struck this year:
  • Type 1 (Filled–S): The mint mark appears to be a strange rectangle that bears little resemblance to the letter S.
  • Type 2 (Clear-S): Later in 1979, the mint mark was altered to more closely resemble the letter S.
  • While circulating proof pennies have little value, a Type 1 (Filled-S) proof cent in PR/PF 69 DCAM grade is worth $5.70 to $6.65.
  • Keep an eye out for these unusual kinds; they will add interest to your collection13.

Both types of the 1979-S proof penny have a diameter of 19mm, weigh 3.11 grams, and are made of 95% copper and 5% zinc. The Lincoln obverse and Memorial reverse were designed by Victor Brenner and Frank Gasparro.

1979 Penny Errors and Varieties

  • Keep a look out for any unexpected features or errors:
  • No-Mint-Mark Pennies are quite interesting.
  • The 1979-S Filled-S Proof Penny and 1979-S Clear-S Proof Penny are both worth considering.
  • These variations can add more value to your collection.

How much is a 1979 penny worth prices ?

1979 No Mint Mark Penny

Circulated 3 cents
Uncirculated 30 cents
MS 65$22
MS 66+$48
MS 67+$500
MS 68$2000

1979-D Penny

MS 66$80
MS 67+$1000 Approx.
MS 68$3,995

1979-S Proof Pennies

Type 1 (Filled-S)$20
Type 2 (Clear-S)$22

1979 Penny Errors

Certainly! The 1979 Penny has some interesting errors and varieties that collectors find intriguing. Let’s explore them:

BIE Error

  • Some 1979 Lincoln pennies exhibit the BIE error.
  • This error occurs when the die used to punch the coins is damaged or cracked, resulting in a thin vertical line between the letters “B” and “E” in the word “Liberty” on the obverse of the coin.

Doubled Die

  • While most doublings visible on pennies are machine errors, some genuine doubled dies exist.
  • Collectors pay attention to these subtle variations, which can add value to the coin.

Re-punched Mint Mark

  • Occasionally, mint marks are re-punched, resulting in interesting varieties.
  • Keep an eye out for these subtle differences—they make collecting more exciting!

Compare 1970 to 1979 Pennies Worth Money Prices

The table will provide a comprehensive overview of the most valuable 1970s pennies, which are small yet robust and can hold significant value.

YearVarietyValue (Record Sales Prices)
1970Large Date Doubled Die Obverse$24,150
1970Small Date$18,400
1971Deep Cameo Proof$17,250
1974Reverse Brockage of 1973-S$11,400
1971Doubled Die Obverse$10,350

Here’s a brief overview of each valuable penny:

1970-S Large Date Doubled Die Obverse:

  • This proof penny exhibits a doubled die obverse.
  • Proof pennies have high contrast and are of the highest quality.
  • Sold for an impressive $24,150 in 2001.

1970-S Small Date

  • The small date 1970 penny is more valuable than its large date counterpart.
  • Look for a 9 in the date that shows the tail of the upper loop tapered more to a point.
  • One proof example sold for $18,400 in 2005.

1971-S Deep Cameo Proof

  • This superb proof penny is heavily frosted with a pinkish-gold color.
  • Sold for $17,250 in 2004.

1974-S Reverse Brockage of 1973-S

  • A rare brockage coin in good condition.
  • Graded high at 64, it fetched $11,400 in 2020.

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