3 Common Facebook Problems And How to Fix Them


Facebook has been the most used social media platform over the years. But unfortunately, there’re multiple problems on this platform that you can’t avoid.

For every post, photo or story on Facebook, you have to scroll through irritating posts, poor quality memes, unwanted ads and sometimes painful user interface features.

In this article, we’ll give you the ways to get rid of these Facebook issues. Let’s check out the following three common Facebook problems and how to fix them so you don’t need to view them again.

Turn Off Face Recognition Tagging

Tagging friends in Facebook photos seems fun, but it can expose them to privacy threats. If someone takes your annoying photo and tags you or others in it, your friends can view that picture.

It’s a huge risk because someone can always use your tagged photo to get your personal details. Not to mention, Facebook’s automatic face recognition is itself weird.

Turning off tagging is a huge step instead, you can only turn off facial recognition. For that, open Facebook, tap the three bars above and select Settings & Privacy > Settings > Face Recognition. Under Face Recognition, change the settings to No.

Now, your friends won’t get the tag suggestion for you anymore.

Moving further,  Facebook doesn’t allow blocking tags completely, but you can stop others from viewing it. To do that, simply go to Settings & Privacy > Settings > Profile and Tagging to get the necessary options.

Under the Tagging section, select Who can see posts you’re tagged in on your profile and choose Only me if you don’t want anyone to view your tags.

Next, on the Reviewing section, select your desired options that need your approval before the tags appear on your profile.

Facebook Slow

Similar to other social media, Facebook also sometimes takes time to load and runs slow. As an avid Facebook user, it is frustrating if you experience the Facebook slow problem. However, there are certain reasons behind it and you can easily solve them if you know the ways. Tech blog like NewScitech.com has all the answers of why Facebook runs slow and how to fix it.

Like, start with checking for your internet connection. Sometimes, a poor or unstable network can cause this problem. If your internet connection is stable, but Facebook still loads slowly, you can use a third-party VPN in that case.

If it doesn’t solve the problem, try updating your web browser. An outdated or incompatible browser might be unable to run Facebook smoothly. Additionally, clearing the browsing history, cache and cookies can also help you.

In case the browser is the main reason behind the problem, try opening Facebook on another browser like Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge etc. Also, check if you have enabled some add-ons or extensions on your browser. Certain extensions can make your Facebook runs slow on the browser.

When nothing happens, you can check other social media to know if Facebook is down globally. In such cases, you need to wait until they fix the problem.

Stop Targeted Ads on Facebook

One of the prime monetization sources for Facebook is advertisements. That’s why this platform spends a lot of time displaying the relevant ads on your timelines hoping that you will interact with them. 

Basically, Facebook tracks your every online activity, like what webpage you’re visiting, movie searches, games played etc. Based on these data, Facebook shows you ads. Thankfully, you can put a stop to the tracking and control what you can see.

If you’re using Facebook on the PC, then click the down arrow on the upper-right corner and choose Settings & Privacy > Settings. From the left side menu, click on Ads and select Ad settings. You can see some categories and options to choose from.

Select Data about your activity from partners and disable the slider to Not Allowed. So, Facebook won’t use the data about your activity from ad partners to display personalized ads.

Next, select the Categories used to reach you and choose if your profile information like Employer, Job Title, Education or Relationship Status can be used to display ads in any way. Now, go to Interest Categories and Other Categories at the bottom to check what Facebook thinks you’re interested in. Click Remove for any topic to prevent advertisers from reaching you.

On the Audience-based advertising category, you can see where the advertisers have included you based on your profile information or off-Facebook activities. You can check every list, see why you’re on it and stop that list from being used again to display unwanted ads.

From the Ads shown off Facebook category, turn off the slider to Not Allowed. This will prevent the advertisers from using your off-Facebook activites to run ads on your timeline.

Finally, on Social Interactions, select Only me to stop Facebook from using certain pages that you prefer to show ads to friends.

These are the three main common problems that you often experience. By using the above-mentioned ways, you can use Facebook error-free.