5 Creative Ways to Step Up Your Selfie Game

5 Creative Ways to Step Up Your Selfie Game

Do you love taking selfies and sharing them with your friends and family? If so, you’re not alone.

Now, while selfies fit within the scope of creative ways to step up your selfie game, sharing your selfies with others shouldn’t be the end goal. Instead, you should be trying to take amazing selfies and then be able to edit them further to make them stand out!

Want to learn more? Then read on and find out what some of the best selfie editing app options are so you can become the master of selfies!

1. Find the Right Angles

Start by analyzing your features and decide which angles highlight your best facial features. To achieve the best results, you should try holding the camera or your phone slightly above your shoulders or twisting and turning your face to emphasize your features.

You can also look down to soften your facial features while taking the photo from slightly above your shoulder can create a slimming effect.

2. Check the Lighting

Poor lighting can cause your pictures to look dull, while good lighting can result in incredible-looking selfies. The best place to take a selfie is in natural, indirect daylight.

How much light is needed will vary according to your skin tone and the look you’re going for. If it’s too dark, use your phone’s flash.

3. Apply Some Filters

There are lots of options available- from darker filters to make faces appear more striking to pastel shades to make your selfie look whimsical. After choosing a filter, go ahead and take your selfie. 

After you have the perfect selfie, you can use the filters to give it a unique edge that works best for you. 

4. Consider Photo Editing Apps

If you want to take your selfie game to the next level, consider using photo editing apps that allow you to remove background from your photos. With these apps, you can use several tools and techniques to make your photos stand out, such as adding text, changing the colors and hues, and doing touch-ups.

You can also resize and crop the image to your liking. Additionally, editing apps allow you to remove any unwanted background elements from the photo, leaving you with an amazing, professional-looking selfie.

5. Grab a Selfie Stick

Selfie stick photos allow you to capture the perfect shot every time, no matter the setting or angle you’re trying to capture. All you have to do is attach your phone to the device and extend it until you get the perfect angle.

You then have to find a timer mode and select the number of seconds you want to give yourself to look in front of the camera. 

Step up Your Selfie Game Now

Try experimenting with different angles, props, and techniques when you’re styling your selfies – you may find yourself pleasantly surprised with the results!

Get creative with your passion and have fun with it – then you’ll be well on your way to stepping up your selfie game. So what are you waiting for? Get shooting, and don’t forget to share your pictures with us!

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