All You Need to Know About Women’s Shoes

All You Need to Know About Women's Shoes

In earlier days, footwear was anything a person wore to protect their feet from the external environment. And with the evolution of time, the concept of footwear has been extended to fashion and not just protection. It has a broader meaning in terms of appearance, style, and comfort that it provides to a person. As such, shoes are the most popularly worn type of footwear, and there are many types of men’s and women’s shoes in Australia that one can buy.

Australia is known for its rushy and jam-packed lifestyle. And people living in the Land Down Under hardly find time to take care of themselves. Meanwhile, since a long tiring day usually causes strain on the legs, wearing comfortable footwear such as sneakers and flats make a massive difference in one’s lifestyle. For instance, a woman wearing heels to a workplace in the Kangaroo Country is bound to feel more fatigue than one wearing shoes as the former adds pressure on the feet and the latter provides comfort. Besides, modern women in Australia prefer footwear for ease and to show off their excellent fashion sense. They are seen wearing funky heels and stilettos during award functions and parties. Though they might not be comfortable for long periods, they boost the confidence of a person wearing them. And many types of women’s shoes in Australia come in different sizes, ranges, and colours. 

Types of Shoes for Women

There are different types of shoes available for women that one can wear to other places and occasions. Shoes can be worn for running, the workplace, family gatherings, and even parties; it all depends on the shoes’ material, type, and colour. 

Sneakers: These are the most common shoes in almost every shoe store. Meanwhile, most sneakers come with shoelaces, while a few go without them. The latter are called slip-up sneakers, and they are preferred by people who do not want to tie laces or do not know how to tie them. They also save time as compared to traditional sneakers, and they are also called trainers in Australia. In the meantime, sneakers can be worn anywhere; for example, simple white or nude sneakers can be worn under formal dresses. On the contrary, funky fluorescent coloured ones can be worn to theme parties. 

Sports Shoes: They are shoes that are used while jogging, working out, or even for a walk. They are pretty comfortable and stick tight to the feet and hence do not slip or cause irritation while running. Moreover, some branded sports shoes come in sweat-absorbent material that instantly absorbs sweat while working out. This reduces the chances of rashes and increases blood circulation in the feet areas. They are light in weight and stretchable, unlike sneakers. 

Gumboots: These types of shoes are made up of soft material on the inside and leather on the outside. They are best suited for winters and cold nights and can be as high as the knee and as low as the ankle. Meanwhile, it all depends on a person’s personal choice in deciding the shoe’s length and colour. Many women wear gumboots up to their thighs while wearing short dresses during winters for warmth and comfort. Such shoes offer the benefit of wearing summer clothes in Australia during winter while providing cosiness and warmth. 

Heeled Shoes: These types of shoes are the most fashion-forward ones. They come with an attached heel and generally look like gumboots. They can be worn under formal dresses at workplaces or paired up with bodycon petticoats at parties. Moreover, heeled shoes look the best in black as they can be used for both formal and social purposes and are a little expensive as compared to conventional gum boots but are worth investing in.