1946 Nickel Value (Rare Errors, No Mint Mark, Price)

The 1946 nickel is a fascinating coin worth more than its face value. Let’s get into the details. 1946 Nickel Value (no mintmark) 1946-D Nickel Value (ā€œDā€ mintmark) 1946-S Nickel Value (ā€œSā€ mintmark) Rare Error Coins Year Mint Mark Value (Circulated) Value (Uncirculated) Notable Errors 1946 No mintmark 7-10 cents $1 and up Off-center, Full … Read more

1958 D Wheat Penny Value (Rare Errors & No Mint Mark)

In today’s blog post we will learn about 1958 D Wheat Penny Value and how they are identified. Philadelphia wheat pennies are different from Philadelphia wheat pennies that don’t have a mint mark. The “No Mint Mark” Wheat Penny (minted in Philadelphia) and the “D” Wheat Penny (minted in Denver) are the two varieties of … Read more

1920 Wheat Penny Value (Rare Errors, No Mint Mark, Price)

The 1920 Lincoln wheat pennies have a particular place in coin collecting. Although a significant 405,665,000 of these pieces were created throughout three mints, their age has caused many to wear out, making those in mint condition especially desirable. Wheat pennies, also known as Lincoln cents, were released in 1909 to commemorate Abraham Lincoln’s 100th … Read more

Value Of A 1957 Silver Certificate Worth

In today’s blog post, you will learn about the price of the 1957 $1 Silver Certificate, its condition and other factors. The value of a 1957 $1 Silver Certificate depends on its condition. These certificates were originally issued for the redemption of silver on demand, and bear this statement: “This statement certifying that there is … Read more

1979 Penny Value ( Rare Errors, No Mint Mark, Price )

Collectors are fascinated by the 1979 Lincoln Memorial Penny, which has historical importance. The Lincoln Cent faced increased copper prices in the 1970s, impacting mint profits. To counter this, they experimented with alternative metal compositions. The 1979 Penny, inspired by the introduction of the Susan B. Anthony Dollar, became a significant numismatic piece. Let’s go … Read more

1976 Quarter Value ( Rare Errors, No Mint Mark, Price )

The 1976 quarter, often known as the Bicentennial Quarter, is historically noteworthy since it marks 200 years of American freedom. The 1976 quarters were one of three denominations (including half dollars and dollars) that had commemorative designs on the back. A special committee managed the commemoration of the bicentennial of American independence, which resulted in … Read more