1946 Nickel Value (Rare Errors, No Mint Mark, Price)

The 1946 nickel is a fascinating coin worth more than its face value. Let’s get into the details. 1946 Nickel Value (no mintmark) 1946-D Nickel Value (ā€œDā€ mintmark) 1946-S Nickel Value (ā€œSā€ mintmark) Rare Error Coins Year Mint Mark Value (Circulated) Value (Uncirculated) Notable Errors 1946 No mintmark 7-10 cents $1 and up Off-center, Full … Read more

8 Of The Liberty Head V Nickels

The United States Mint introduced the Liberty Head “V” nickel, a beloved American currency, in 1883. The front of the coin depicts Lady Liberty looking left and encircled by stars, while the reverse has the denomination simply written as the Roman numeral V enclosed in a wreath of laurel leaves. These coins hold a unique … Read more