Emma Langevin Biography: who is Emma Langevin?

Emma Langevin

Emma Langevin Biography: who is Emma Langevin?

Emma Langevin is an Instagram sensation and one of the top TikTok stars. Her beautiful looks a contagious smile, along with her engaging modeling skills have made her a popular choice among those looking for great content.

Emma has always been interested in music and dance. She began posting videos of herself dancing on YouTube when she was only 12 years old. Emma became part of the TikTok community in 2017 and her popularity soon went viral. She also has a massive following on Instagram where she posts weekly videos that have racked up millions of views.

Emma Langevin

Who is Emma Langevin?

Emma is a well-known American Youtuber, social media influencer, TikTok star, online gamer, and Twitch streamer. Her content material creation and entrepreneur roles are also included in her career endeavors. She is known for her videos of cosplay and makeup tutorials. She also has her own YouTube channel called Emma langevin.

Emma is one of the most popular actresses in the country, with over a million subscribers on TikTok and three million views on YouTube. Her quick movies and humorous content have made her a recognizable face in the industry.

Emma Langevin Biography: who is Emma Langevin?

Her Age:

Emma Langevin is a Youtuber who has been on YouTube for years. This famous YouTuber was born on August 18, 1999, and is now 22 years old.

Family and Siblings:

The Emma Langevin family is a well-settled, upper-class family that hails from the town of Fairview. The family is composed of Emma, her dad, and her mom. Her dad was a businessman, who passed away shortly after she was born. Her mother is a homemaker and stayed at home with her and her brother Jack until they were out on their own.

She was born into a Christian family and enjoys spending time with her pet dog, Bunny. She has a love for physical activity and likes to take care of the house. Her favorite color is purple and she enjoys watching Netflix when she can.

Emma Langevin Biography: who is Emma Langevin?


Emma’s parents are proud of her and couldn’t be happier that she graduated from college after finishing her Bachelor’s degree. Her graduation was a big deal in her hometown, but it pales in comparison to the big day. Emma will be heading off to college in Washington D.C., where she’ll continue her education as a part of the prestigious Georgetown University.


Emma commenced her profession as a TikTok. Emma Langevin is a famous social media influencer who has over 1 million followers on her TikTok account. Her lip-syncing videos have been seen by people all over the world, and she has become a fan favorite. However, Emma started out with nothing to her name and was just another teenage girl in high school.

Emma Langevin Net Worth:

She first started out on YouTube. Her subscriber count has grown to over one million. She is now a member of the TikTok team, and she is a well-known personality in the streaming world.

It has close to 113 million views as of September 2018. Emma’s net worth is $4 million (approx.) from her career, she speaks at events all over the world.