Explore Inspirational Design Ideas for Split-Level Homes

Explore Inspirational Design Ideas for Split-Level Homes

If you are someone that’s planning to build a split-level home, we have some good design ideas to get you started. Multilevel homes are supposed to have that dramatic edge when it comes to design. The style of the home should also be such that it suits the lifestyle of your family. split level home designs in Australia come in myriads of fascinating forms. In this blog post, we will share a few tips on how you can design your split-level home in various ways. Let’s explore them one by one below.

The Design Point of View

A multilevel property’s design has several levels of living space separated by a short flight of stairs. The main level of the house usually consists of the living areas and the bedrooms. While the upper levels are ought to be used for storage and other activity rooms. The basement should be finished and must provide for additional space for further expansion down the road. This home can also feature a bonus room. A small-sized family will have a great lifestyle in such accommodation. 

Color Scheming

If you want your split-level home to stand out from the neighboring homes, then think about the home color scheme of your neighbors. You need to get a good match of colors, but it should also be different from the rest of the neighboring properties. For instance, if your property is located in a wooded area, you can use colors that complement the natural colors surrounding the property. In this case, you can use warm and earthly colors. The same concept goes for different surroundings and choosing exterior and interior color schemes accordingly.


For split-level homes, a recessed entryway can lead to several rooms. These available spaces can be used as a home office or gym. You can shift the lower level into a foyer or game room. In case you have a large entryway, then consider incorporating a painting or a piece of artwork. Aspects like a bench, a hall tree, or a coat rack can also add more functional storage space.

Extra Entertaining Areas

In a multilevel property, you get ample opportunity to play with the available space. The space available can be used to create rooms for extra entertaining activities. Such as theatres, rumpus rooms, a bar, or anything that attracts the homeowner’s interest. If entertaining friends and family is your thing, then you can go on to save some space on levels two and three. This way, you get a gorgeous entertainment area with amazing views. You can also consider investing in an outdoor lounge or table set for a warm summer afternoon. Sitting on cozy couches in the verandah will make for a great feeling as the weather is cooling off close to evening. 

Multi-Dimensional Open Plan

The multi-dimensional view that a split-level home provides is what’s really worth it. You can decorate the splitting levels of your home interior. Before you start decorating, consider standing from a central focal point. Just keep viewing and take a scenery to have an idea of how you will decorate the space.