How to Make a Travel Video with Music


Travel videos are an excellent means to breathe life into all your memories and travel photos. There is no doubt that videos attract the attention and engagement of people on social media the most. Everyone, from your family and friends to people across the globe, loves to watch and share videos with their audience.

Travel videos make the audience dream of their next vacation, inspire them to make new plans, and help your followers let you know you better. Whether you are looking to create adventure videos, photomontages, or first-person accounts, here are some useful tips for creating amazing travel videos with music that will help you gain more followers on social media.

Learn from Other Travel Videos

Follow many successful travel social media channels and learn the tips and techniques they are using. Use their videos as inspiration and learn about the fine nuances of their videos, things that are attracting more engagement from viewers and getting more likes. Once you watch many videos, you will get an idea about the best videos to have in common, and you can use those features in your videos.

Have a story

One of the most important things for creating a memorable and shareable travel video is to have a backstory. It is extremely important to figure out the story, whether it is a first-person account of the place you are visiting, a bird’s eye view over a mighty mountain forest, or any other travel video. You must figure out what the viewers will take away from your video.

Research Your Travel Video Ideas Upfront

A great way to become more efficient and ensure that your video does well on social media is to research the idea beforehand. For example, before you visit the place you are planning to, carry out thorough research about the place, the existing videos about the place, the angles you should focus on, etc. Nail down your itinerary for the day and your plan on shooting everything about the day. Sketch out the details about every frame to ensure that your video stands out. This research will help you save time and get the best footage possible for your video.

Enhance the Travel Video with Smart Editing

This is the part where a good video maker will help you enhance your video and come out with a comprehensive and professional-looking video. Even if you have shot your video on your phone, adding effects and writing to convey more information will make it look amazing. You can use video transitions such as music intros, cut effects, heading or chapters, etc., to make the video more fun and engaging. You can do so much post-filming to make your video stand out; all you need is the right video maker app or software.

Choose the Music Beforehand

The music you add to your video is another extremely important component of your travel video. First, listen to a lot of music and figure out the one you want to use on your video. Then, listen to your chosen soundtrack while shooting to understand what your audience will experience while watching the video. The music will form the bedrock on which you will place your clips. It plays a huge role in influencing the viewers’ feelings when watching the video. Your music will come to their mind when they explore the same area they saw in your video.

When you pick out your music beforehand and listen to it while shooting, it will be quite clear in your mind what your final product would look like. It will help you shoot with intention, provide you with a clear idea of the feeling you wish to invoke and convey with your travel video. You can also use your video maker to find some great music options.

Make your video creative with depth and color.

There are tons of travel videos available on social media everywhere. To make your video stand out, add extra focus points that would make a simple video a more engaging and vibrant dimension. For instance, if you visit a small village with an open-air market, besides taking a wide-angle shot of all the stalls, zoom in on the exotic and colorful fruits and vegetables for an extra edge. Include tons of close-up shots, interesting details, and out-of-the-box angles to make your videos stand out.

Choose Different Durations for Different Social Media Platforms

Of course, you cannot expect to get the same impact with a short Instagram story as a 10-minute video on YouTube and youtube to mp3. But providing short snippets of the video on different social media platforms will help get your video and message across more widely. In addition, adapting your video to different platforms will help you diversify your content to a great degree. So play around with different durations to adapt your video to different social media platforms.

Keep Your Audience in Mind

When you are shooting a travel video, your audience is the most important thing to keep in mind. First, think about what your audience is most interested in. Is it the people, the scenery, the food, or the experience? Depending on the answer, you can alter the look and style of your video. You can even repurpose your footage and use video maker apps to create different videos to suit the needs of specific audiences.

For instance, if you have footage of a day trip in Paris, you can create tons of one-minute travel videos such as different videos focusing on ‘best of’ scenes, food options, music scenes, cathedrals, etc. In this way, you can create numerous videos using the same footage and use them to address different audiences. It will help you widen your reach and impact more people.


Whether you are looking for new ideas to create travel videos or are just starting in this field, this comprehensive guide will help you get some new inspiration and help you create interesting and engaging content that you would be proud of. The most important thing is to be consistent, share your content, figure out what works, and adapt.