Important Tips to Choose Stripper Pole for Dance

Strippers poles are a type of swing dancing equipment that allows dancers to perform their routines without having to get down on the floor. They also come in various lengths, heights, and sizes, depending on the style of dance they intend to practice.

One of the finest methods to stay in shape and have fun simultaneously is to practise pole dancing at home. No longer is it necessary to spend much time at the gym. Calorie- and muscle-burning pole dancing also improves flexibility and fitness levels while toning muscles. Posture and self-confidence may both be improved by pole dancing. Anyone may learn to pole dance, regardless of size or form.

It is important to examine precisely what you require and what is ideal for you to get the most out of your investment. Prepare yourself for amazing fun and terrific fitness. 

No matter you want the stripper pole for your home or for your next event, there are several things you need to consider. Have a look. 

Essential Factors to Consider While Buying Stripper Pole 

Safety measures.

The first and foremost you need to consider is whether the pole has a safety harness attached to it. This is important because if someone fell while using the pole, they would have some protection. Another thing to keep in mind is the length of the pole. You want to ensure that the pole is long enough to reach the ground.

Insurance coverage. 

If you’re planning on renting a stripper pole for a private party, you’ll need to find out what kind of insurance coverage the rental company provides. Some companies offer liability insurance, which protects them against any injuries during the performance. Other companies provide only general liability coverage, which covers damages caused by the pole itself.

Design and functionality. 

When choosing a stripper pole, it is important to consider both its design and functionality. The design should allow flexibility, durability, and ease of movement. Depending on the style of dance performed, the height can vary from 3 ft or 4 feet high. 

Consider the different types of poles 

Stationary Stripper Pole. 

If you just want to utilise your pole in that one location, consider Stationary Stripper Pole. Many different flips and stunts are possible. This pole can be set into concrete or joists in the ceiling. The pole may be made to your desired height. The pole is then fastened to the ceiling with flanges and brackets. These are attached to your ceiling using fixing screws, and the pole is secured with a grub screw so it won’t move while you workout.

Removal Stripper Pole. 

This pole is best suited if you occasionally need to relocate or remove the pole. Doing this may take the dance pole down when you want to use the area for something else. Additionally, you may perform flips and stunts on this pole with excellent security. There is a requirement for a mount beneath a ceiling joist; it can be provided as a single piece or as adjustable. It is simple to install and dismantle these poles.

Podium Stripper Pole. 

This is what you need if you wish to be able to transfer the pole from one room or residence to another. From the ground up to the ceiling, these poles do not fit. Usually, a base is included with this kind of pole. This style of solid pole is employed in dance halls, classrooms, and clubs.

Miscellaneous Considerations.

Another thing you need to decide is whether or not you plan to take lessons or learn from a video tutorial. You should only purchase poles explicitly designed for teaching if you teach classes. Otherwise, you risk injuring someone else during practice. 

Another consideration is the height of the pole. While some poles are tall enough to reach above the performer’s head, others might require lifting the entire body off the floor. This is true if one of your dancers has a large frame. 

Finally, the materials used in constructing the pole also matter. Some poles are made from metal, whereas other models are constructed using plastic.

The Bottom Line 

Before choosing your pole, it helps to know the difference between various types of pole dancing equipment. Each type has its own pros and cons, so take time to evaluate your options carefully.