MXCode- A Pokémon Go Emulator

MXCode- A Pokémon Go Emulator

MX code is a website that provides digital solutions for your technical queries. This software works on all the devices either IOS or android. Besides these, you can also run this software on mac and windows. It is a worldwide famous company which is known for its IOS GPS changer and fast video downloader. These new services are recently launched and you can check on their website. Read more to know about the terms and conditions of these services. Mx code has a highly reliable staff that provides its customer with 24/7 support. You can contact their team anytime.

How Does It Work As A Pokémon Go Emulator?

Pokémon Go Emulator is a highly addicting game that works by changing one’s location. Now locating from one place to another isn’t an easy deal. For that purpose, mx code has launched Pokémon Go Emulator for your convenience. Pokémon Go Emulator works in a way that it changes your location on phone while you are sitting at a place. First, you have to download Pokémon Go Emulator, then it will ask for several permissions which is normal in this case. Finally, you’ll get your location using the emulator.

This app is restricted to iPhone users. Pokémon Go Emulator is risk-free and You can play without getting your account banned. People use Pokémon Go Emulator to not leave their houses. In the case of children, parents don’t allow them to leave their houses. For them, the emulator is the best app to play Pokémon Go Game at home. It allows you to play games even without moving from your place.

FakeLoc- Why It Is Great To Use?

FakeLoc is Great to use because it allows you to spoof your location or change it anytime. It is an amazing technique by which you can change your location without changing your position. This app will allow you to move in-game and change your GPS location even without moving. It creates a fake location for your phone and works without jailbreaking.

How To Use FakeLoc?

FakeLoc has a user-friendly interface so it isn’t much tricky to use. You can operate this app following a simple guide. Read more to get the guide.

Step 1: Install The FakeLoc App

To take start, you’ll have to install FakeLoc App. This app isn’t available on App Store so you will have to download it from the website. From, you’ll find this app and it will ask you to make changes to your permission setting regarding location.

Step 2: App Configuration

Once you complete downloading the application, it will ask you to make changes to your location setting. Once you allow the app to make changes, the rest of the work will handle itself.

Step 3: Location Setting

You can set location in two ways, longitudinal and latitudinal. You can also use the map to pick one location. Another characteristic of this app is that it allows you to walk and jog virtually. You can easily fake your location using this app. You can change your city and select a new one. Save the settings and run your app.