Top 3 Licenses Every Addiction Recovery Center Should Have

Top 3 Licenses Every Addiction Recovery Center Should Have

Recovery centers are big ventures to help people with severe addiction issues. Today, more than 1,000 drug rehab facilities in the US receive more than 3 million patients annually. Most of these facilities are at full capacity, while others are required to meet the growing demand for recovery centers. 

Drug addiction is a common issue to most members of society without your acknowledgement. Multiple individuals struggling with addiction come from well-known families and prominent careers, while others are professionals. Other people equally affected are the elderly and the teens. 

The recovery centers offer an essential service for millions of people in the US, while others benefit from the treatment. However, starting an addiction treatment center is never as easy as one may think. Some requirements, such as obtaining relevant accreditation, need to be met. 

Among them are licenses from the relevant authorities within your state. Here are the top licenses every addiction recovery center should have.

  • Licensing from the State substance abuse agency

The US and its territory provide details and support concerning substance use disorders via the state substance abuse agency. The state substance abuse agency is crucial when starting a recovery center. 

It carries out recovery services, evaluates substance use disorders, and offers treatment to the affected individuals. In most instances, they control the recovery centers and counselors in their respective facilities. They also fund different providers, track the state’s trends, and ensure members of the public get services that benefit them. 

With this license, it becomes easy to manage your recovery center online within the agency’s standards and guidelines.

  • Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities License

Being licensed by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) can assist your recovery center outdo others. The CARF accreditation shows how you are committed to improving people’s lives.

 It also shows your commitment to continuous support and the will to transform the community by helping patients struggling with addiction recovery in full. With the CARF licensing, you are sure that your facility will receive the necessary assembly and healthcare services that satisfy your clients fully. 

When starting any addiction recovery center, it’s recommended that service providers should get the CARF license to help them operate effectively. With this accreditation, service providers can work from anywhere so long as it’s included in the on-site survey.

  • Licensing from the State Department of Health

Obtaining the State Department of Health license is crucial when starting a recovery center. The State Department of Health helps to enhance the health status of patients from any addiction. It curbs illnesses, promotes healthy lifestyles, and delivers healthcare systems. 

The Department of Health also ensures the community receives the services required satisfactorily. Upon obtaining the State Department of Health license, the facility can access efficient, timely, equal, and sustainable services.


Easy operation of any addiction recovery center is possible upon obtaining the top 3 licenses from the relevant authorities. These institutions include the State Department of Health, the State substance abuse agency, and the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. With the accreditations, you will be able to receive the services you require and help your facility outstand others.