All details about violet Charlie and the chocolate factory

violet Charlie and the chocolate factory

All details about violet Charlie and the chocolate factory

Denise Nickerson, who played the vivacious Violet Beauregard in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971) by the age of 13, died at age 62. She had been in very poor physical condition since suffering a stroke in 2017. From Vanity Fair

Nickerson’s first screen role was in Flipper in 1965. She studied with the cast of Dark Shadows from 1968 to 1982, playing three roles in the series Amy Jennings, Nora Collins, and Amy Collins. One year after her appearance on the ABC show Splash, Mabel Nickerson made her big screen debut in Willy Wonka, playing one of the ill-fated characters touring the factory in a covert contest to inherit the violet Charlie and the chocolate factory.

After Willy Wonka, Nickerson also joined the educational program The Electric Company. She was then grouped with the Short Circus quintet, which used songs as a means to teach children and adults to read. Nickerson retired from the theater in 1978.

Her family has disowned reports that claimed Nickerson retired to pursue nursing, claiming that it was a profession with which they would most identify with “accountant.

 violet Charlie and the chocolate factory

Arrival at the factory:

On the day of the tour, she stands between Augustus Gloop and Mike Teavee’s family. She briefly looks over at Veruca Salt, her female competitor, but is otherwise intent on the factory, with her parent telling her to “keep her sights on the prize.” She does not display too much enthusiasm compared to the other competitors.

When Wonka opened the door, she grasped the gate and raced ahead of the other contestants. When she witnessed the initial performance and its subsequent destruction, she looked on curiously in violet Charlie and the chocolate factory. When Wonka comes into the scene, he asks who she is, and she stares at him in bewilderment.

 violet Charlie and the chocolate factory

The inventing room and transformation:

Violet is excessively attracted to Everlasting Gobstoppers very quickly upon entering the inventing room. Despite Wonka’s discouragement, she is nonetheless entertaining the notion of chewing on the Gobstoppers because she imagines they would be similar to gum. Tinkerbell then strongly advises Wonka that the Gobstoppers are not meant to be chewed but, thanks to her, Wonka successfully gains access to the Gobstopper production machine, which produces a message in wood.

Violet is unable to contain her dismay at the piece of gum squeezed from it by Wonka, who explains, unlike most other gum, that the one that has just been created is an extraordinary three-course dinner all by itself in violet Charlie and the chocolate factory

Violet and Charlie:

Though Charlie was the target of most of the other children’s hostility, it was only Violet that openly acted like a jerk toward him. She was the most unpleasant to him in the whole group when she got him a sugar apple to congratulate him on winning a prize. It is unknown how she responded to Charlie’s celebration in violet Charlie and the chocolate factory.