Dhruv Rathee Telegram Group Was Banned For Sharing P*rn: Elvish Yadav ‘Exposes’ Anti-BJP YouTuber (VIDEO)

In a dramatic turn of events, popular YouTuber and Bigg Boss OTT 2 winner Elvish Yadav has launched a series of allegations against fellow content creator Dhruv Rathee. In a recently released 41-minute video titled “Exposing Dhruv Rathee And His Anti-India Propaganda,” Yadav claims that Rathee, despite presenting himself as apolitical, has deep-rooted associations with the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).

Yadav’s video accuses Rathee of working with AAP’s IT cell in 2014 and producing pro-party content, including a song titled “5 saal Kejriwal,” released on December 21, 2014. According to Yadav, Rathee frequently posted supportive stories on AAP’s Facebook page during that period. To substantiate his claims, Yadav shared screenshots allegedly proving Rathee’s connection with the party.

The allegations don’t stop there. Yadav asserts that Rathee created videos that attempted to downplay criminal charges against AAP leaders, which were later made private on YouTube. Additionally, Yadav accuses Rathee of more scandalous behavior, claiming that Rathee’s Telegram channel was deleted after he posted pornographic links.

Further accusations involve Rathee’s promotion of cryptocurrency scam apps in his videos. Yadav alleges that when these scams were exposed by enforcement agencies, Rathee edited his videos to remove any trace of endorsement, thus avoiding embarrassment.

Yadav’s video is the culmination of a series of teasers in which he aggressively targeted Rathee, even likening him to a “German Shepherd” dog and vowing to restrain him. Yadav claims to have inside information from individuals close to Rathee, revealing aspects of his private and professional life.

While Elvish Yadav denies any formal association with the ruling BJP-led NDA government, his content often aligns with the pro-Hindutva narrative of the party. This stands in stark contrast to Dhruv Rathee, who is known for his critical videos targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the right-wing agenda. Based in Germany, Rathee is often accused of overlooking the corrupt practices of opposition politicians while focusing his criticism on the ruling party.

The feud between Yadav and Rathee highlights the deep political divides within the Indian social media landscape, with influencers playing significant roles in shaping public opinion. As the allegations continue to unfold, it remains to be seen how this controversy will impact their respective followings and the broader discourse on political biases in digital content creation.


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