Kajal Aggarwal Reveals Shocking Truth: Why Bollywood Gives Married Actresses Big Roles but South Actresses Face Stereotyping!

Kajal Aggarwal on Changing Roles for Married Actresses in South Cinema

Actor Kajal Aggarwal, a prominent name in the Telugu and Tamil film industries, is advocating for a shift in how married female stars are cast in the South Indian film scene. In a candid interview with Galatta Plus, she addressed the systemic differences between the Hindi and South Indian film industries regarding roles offered to female actors.

The Double Standard in Film Roles

In her conversation with journalist Baradwaj Rangan, Kajal highlighted how the Hindi film industry is more progressive in offering substantial roles to married actresses. Rangan pointed out examples like Deepika Padukone starring as an action heroine in “Fighter” and Alia Bhatt playing a leading romantic role in “Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahani.” In contrast, the South Indian film industry tends to pigeonhole married women into “strong” roles, such as the cop character Kajal portrays in her latest film, “Satyabhama.”

The discussion also touched on Vidya Balan’s character in “Tumhari Sulu,” who wore her sexuality proudly. When the film was remade in Tamil as “Kaatrin Mozhi,” starring Jyothika, the character’s portrayal was notably less bold.

The Need for Change

Kajal attributes this discrepancy to lingering stereotypes in the South Indian film industry. She expressed optimism that this mindset is gradually changing, especially with a new generation of married actresses and mothers stepping into the spotlight. “We still have a little bit of stereotype attached. I am hoping that we get rid of it soon,” she said.

She emphasized that filmmakers need to be proactive in presenting diverse stories where women can be seen in varied and significant roles. While the audience is ready for such change, Kajal believes it’s the filmmakers who need to catch up.

Personal Experiences and Changing Dynamics

Kajal shared her own experiences to underline the evolving landscape. Married in 2020 to Gautam Kitchlu and becoming a mother two years later, she continues to take on challenging roles. She praised actress Nayanthara for managing to headline both romantic and action parts on her own terms, serving as an exception and inspiration in the industry.

Citing her role in “Indian 2,” directed by Shankar and headlined by Kamal Haasan, Kajal described how she balanced motherhood and a demanding career. “I had my commitments before I got married–in COVID–which I honoured and travelled a lot for it. It was difficult for my husband to understand that initially because he has never seen what our industry is about,” she explained. Despite the physical challenges, including horse riding, she fulfilled her commitments, demonstrating her dedication and resilience.

Looking Forward

Kajal’s upcoming film, “Satyabhama,” set to release on June 7, features her as a cop on a mission to crack an unsolved murder case. This role is a testament to her ability to take on strong, complex characters, regardless of her marital status.

As Kajal Aggarwal continues to push boundaries and advocate for more diverse roles for married actresses, she remains hopeful that the South Indian film industry will progressively offer “meatier” parts to women, reflecting a broader range of stories and experiences.


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